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Chiropractic care works as a natural, drug-free way to help patients reach their health and wellness goals. The chiropractic profession believes the body has the innate ability to heal itself. It is the doctor of chiropractic’s job to help restore order and balance to the body so that it functions as it should and can heal itself.

The nervous system controls every cell and organ in your body and is housed in the spine. Doctors of chiropractic seek to restore alignment to your spine so that your nervous system functions properly and you can feel your best.


For chiropractic services our clinic is a preferred in-network provider for most health plans and all health savings accounts.


Care Credit, Cash, All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office.

What Our Patients Say:

  • "I could barely walk in my condition. Dr. Guerra's treatment helped me live a normal life again!"

    R. Lopez
  • "When I first started coming to South Texas Clinic of Chiropractic I had pain the lower left area of my back. I could hardly move in that area. I had been suffering with this pain for over 7 months until I decided to seek help. As soon as I came to Dr. Guerra’s office they discovered I had a disc herniation. I hadn’t been to any previous chiropractor or been receiving any treatments for my pain until I discovered Dr.Guerra and his staff. They treated me so awesome. I don’t know where I would be without them. I am glad I decided to seek help before my condition worsened. They saved me from surgery. As of today I have no pain. I highly recommend that anybody with any pain see Dr.Guerra and his staff. They will give you pain free results without surgery, medication, or side effects."

    Juan J. Contreras
  • "When I first came in I had lower back pain so severe I could barely walk. I was sheet white because of the pain and had been in bed for an entire week which is when the pain started. Before this treatment I went to see what I thought was a chiropractor but I was wrong. After I visited Dr.Guerra I realized what true chiropractic help is. The staff at South Texas Clinic of Chiropractic is amazing. Michelle is always A+ in her attitude and her listening ear. Dr.Guerra is always helpful and willing to explain when I don’t understand something. I really enjoy the one on one connection I have with the doctor. I feel like I am his most important patient. Currently I have no pain which is so amazing! Dr.Guerra gives undivided 19th century care in a 21st century world. I don’t know where I would be without him."

    Jessica Palacios
  • "When I first came in to South Texas Clinic of Chiropractic I had severe pain on my neck and upper area. It had been for two weeks prior until I saw Dr.Aaron R. Guerra. I had to take medication and massages but the pain wasn’t going away. The staff is very professional, but also kind and considerate. They became like another family. The care is very thorough and addressed the problem instantly. I always liked coming here because the care is excellent. I highly recommend Dr.Aaron R. Guerra he is very caring and my results here at South Texas Clinic of Chiropractic are great. I no longer have pain and  also have education on how to care for my back and spine."

    Colette Rogers



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